A Busy Start

08.04.2016 22:00

The show got off to a busy start on the Thursday with the halls appearing busy even before the official opening ceremony concluded.

As the “Navigator of Asian Leisure Boating” the Shanghai Boat Show prides itself in encompassing the entire boating supply chain from OEM through the boats themselves to the ‘add ons’ that many owners wish to apply to their boats.

Also, although the show widened its focus to include other outdoor leisure, the fringe of stands offering cheap sunglasses and the like have disappeared and the show has an altogether more serious feel to it than in previous years. From exhibitors making a real effort with their displays to visitors stopping and asking meaningful questions rather than just strolling round.

The size of the boats has also reduced with the industry waking up to the fact that if you want to catch people into the world of leisure boating, there aren’t many younger people who can afford 50-60 footers and the median size of boats was much smaller than this.

The ‘Bass Boat’ also was much in evidence, again sensible given that fishing or angling is a major leisure pastime in China. Add to them some more serious offshore fishing boats and there was plenty of choice for people who like the challenge of catching their own dinner.

Sailing boats were also on the increase with Bavaria even giving their new 34 a global premiere here at the Shanghai Show.

So a good start to the 21st rendition of China AND Asia’s largest boat show.