Expo Lifestyle for Luxury and Excellence (ELS) is a new fair held in Shanghai in April(7-10) in parallel to CIBS (, the most important Yacht Show in Asia, which caters to the top-notch segment of the luxury producers. Considering the booming market for luxury products in China, the same Organizer is launching an independent but complementary Expo - ELS - aimed at offering HNWI the chance to visit a pavilion dedicated to the excellence in lifestyle.

The exhibits profile includes Autos、Private Jet、Real estate、Furniture & home supplies、Watches、Jewellery、Accessories、Bespoke、Wines/Alcohol/Cigars、Food、Private Banking、Health care、Art/Design、Tourism/Luxury hotels. ELS showcases a lifestyle associated with luxury, leisure and quality time.

China -- The Second Biggest Luxury Consuming Country Worldwide with great market potential
According to the statistics on 2009 Asia-Pacific Wealth Report, the number of Chinese millionaires is the top 4 in the world. China is currently the second global biggest luxury consuming country, and it is expected to be top 1 in 2015. Shown by the latest 2010 Chinese billionaire survey report, Shanghai, Zhejiang and Suzhou, the main cities in Yangtze River Delta Area, are considered as the cradle of Chinese billionaires. Shanghai takes an important role as a financial and cultural center in the Yangtze River Delta Area, given its relevant geographical and cultural advantage.
Future luxury will be about many ideals and with a new age of consumerism driven by inventiveness, creativity, discovery and giving back, luxury will need to shift in line with this; from being detached and untouchable to finding inspiring ways to explore causes, blend influences and create awareness. ELS will be there to support this quest and provide the best services to enjoy it.

UBM Sinoexpo leads Asia top shows
ELS is held by Shanghai UBM Sinoexpo International Exhibition Co., Ltd. (UBM Sinoexpo), which is a professional joint-venture exhibition enterprise between Shanghai Sinoexpo International Exhibition Ltd (established in 1992) and UBM China Ltd., the arm of UBM Asia that is responsible for the group's mainland China business.
UBM Sinoexpo claims "Be The Best" as the corporate value and mission. Directed by a group of talented international professionals, UBM Sinoexpo organizes a series of international exhibitions and conferences through our global network and collaboration with government bodies, trade associations and organizations, media companies and partners. All succesful events in their relative field.
UBM Sinoexpo has indeed access to a huge and targeted database of industry professional buyers which will ensure ELS a high performance and precise coverage, thus maximizing the ROI of your visiting.

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