02.04.2020 15:06

First of all, we hope you are not only safe, but feel safe in your home countries and it is our every wish that you remain so.


In Chinese, the word for crisis is said to signify both "danger" and "opportunity". Is it time to make changes that would not have been feasible without an existential threat hanging over us? Could we, perhaps, strengthen global partnerships, think about a universal basic income for all or forge a new sense of community.


As China starts to return to normal, indeed perhaps what might be called the ‘new normal’ and everything is under control. CIBS ,which is one of the most comprehensive boat show in China, determined to postpone the show till June.22-June.24, National Exhibition and Convention Centre(Shanghai),with 55,000 square meters and providing the whole industry chain about more than 100 exhibit categories.


Many of you may wish to enter or remain part of a proven supply chain between China’s producers and the ultimate customers, western buyers. CIBS knows both ends of the chain, and each link in between, are likely to concern about their own safety, the potential inconvenience or risk the of quarantine may bring to people’s life.


However as the world recovers from the COVID-19 endemic boat owners will once again turn to the next fitting or accessory for their boat and potential new owners will re-enter the market place, perhaps even wit renewed enthusiasm having been cooped up for so long. In the B2C world the public will, if they cannot get what they want from supplier A will simply move to supplier B so it is important to maintain that chain.


CIBS does think about the new community,and is introducing an on-line ‘Matchmaking’ Service to serve both suppliers and overseas buyers in maintaining and/or further developing the supply chain relationships.


What about Online Matchmaking Program!

Our team have collected and compiled business information of our exhibitors, We will adopt an online B2B matchmaking system. By using data-driven approaches, the system will recommend attendees, products or sessions for you based on your interests, business information, interactive behavior and macro trends.


 Meanwhile, based on the Exhibitor List and your personal requirements, we offer a platform where you can have 1-1 conversation with your best-matched exhibitors. If you are seeking for opportunities of market development, or would like to learn more in-depth information about Asian markets, you should never miss the chance!



You want ityou got it

CIBS has an enormous variety of products including the whole industrial chain from global manufacturers, which can match your requirements!

Boat and Relevant Services: High-speed boat / official business boat / Sailboat / Fishing Boat / Motorboat / Leisure boat



Boat Equipment and Accessories: Boat power equipment / Boat electronic equipment / Boat spare parts / Safety equipment/ Boat furniture & electrical appliances / Activity & Competition & Trainning / Design and Service



Water Sports: Lure / Paddle / Kayak / Rubber boats / Paraglider / Underwater electronics / Swimwear / Life jacket / Water-proof watch / Pool / Other



Top 200 Registers deserve the Free Accounts

To encourage and reward those who are always standing with CIBS, we decided to offer 200 free accounts for you who apply for the “matchmaking” program in advance. Do not let massive opportunities pass away from you! Hundreds of suppliers from the world’s leading brands and top China’s companies have given us their business demands. Besides, in order to maintain a high-quality community with a good atmosphere, the number of candidates during the matchmaking program is limited.


No matter how complex your requirements are, who you would like to meet or contact, and what business information you prefer to know, please feel free to contact us and let us know your requirements, so that we can prepare and arrange the matchmaking program for you.


Keep following CIBS 2020! The online matchmaking system will be launched very soon!