Ritz-Carlton announced they are going to launch the Liz Carlton yacht

03.07.2017 11:10

Ritz-Carlton (five star hotel) announced they are going to launch the Liz Carlton yacht, includes 3 super luxury yachts, will sail in September 2019, you can start book in May next year.

"You need to diversify your business," the Ritz Carlton CEO Herv Humler said. The hotel had been involved in private homes and six star resorts, but this time they thought it was the time to enter the yacht industry.

Humler said the yacht industry has grown at an annual rate of 8.5% since 1981, and despite the growing demand, there has never been a truly high-end luxury brand in this industry.

Swedish designer Fredrik Johansson had previously designed Viking, Norwegian, Azamara and Costa etc., but this time the design for Liz, Carlton yacht will be different. "I want to make this yacht slender and elegant," Johansson said. "Most yachts look the same now, but this ship will be different. I want to design a sense of Martha Lahti, people will have the desire to explore the amazing inside when they see it."

Though there are small luxury yachts in the market now, the travel lines they make are adventurous and exploratory, usually in Antarctica, Greenland, or northern Europe. But Ritz Carlton has found good lines they think: along the Mediterranean, Caribbean, and New England. Although these sites are popular destinations, usually only the large yachts can moor.

The Ritz Carlton plans to sail its first yacht in 2019, with the destination of the Caribbean, New England and Europe. In early 2021, second yachts will continue to run similar lines. The third yacht will run on 2022, and will sail in the South pacific.

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