Rossinavi cooperate with Pininfarina to build “Ferrari sports car” yacht.

26.06.2017 10:38

Rossinavi, the Italy super yacht maker, recently announced that they will cooperate with Turin's famous automotive design company Pininfarina to design a 70 metre yacht, named Aurea. Pininfarina is famous for designed a variety of Ferrari sports car.

The special feature of this yacht is its superstructure with an ocean flowing shape, looks like a sports car with a smooth curve. And the hybrid engine is mounted in the middle of the hull to give the poop a larger space and a large hydrophilic platform.

Outdoor living space is a fantastic point for Aurea. In the three decks on the stern, there is a number of leisure spaces available: two swimming pools, valgus balcony sets up in the left port side, pool channel sets up in the right port side, to provide convenience to guests want to swim at any time.

Two elaborately designed escalators start from the sun deck and helipad to the main deck, where guests can use outdoor facilities such as beach chairs and swim in the C-shaped pool.

The bridge deck also has an endless pool and the outdoor dining table can hold 12 people, from escalator goes up to the sunshine deck, 6 people can sunbathe in there. There is also a sky lounge with an unbelievable sea view.

The brand does not disclose more details of the design, the cabin number or technical data. However, this cross-border design has marked the start of the cooperation between long history Italy super yacht brands and the world famous automotive design company.